All of The Fs

All of The Fs

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A Blog by Timothy Williams-Silvera.

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November 2020, I decided to change how I eat. Not only to look better (my wife would 'subtly' poke my stomach now and again to remind me that I was letting things slip), but also to feel better. This was a starting point in what has been the most transformative time of my life. It has gone from the food I eat to the workouts I do, the goals I chase, the books I read, the habits I've adopted and now the lifestyle I live. 6 months ago - I and my life looked completely different. You really can change your trajectory with just enough dedication, drive and discipline. I started this blog to share information, knowledge, encouragement and revelation with you. I hope that there's something that you'll find here that really helps you - if it did, let me know! Every day, I become better, and I'm not going to stop now. I want to see the same for you, and that's why I'm sharing this with you - All of the Fs.


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