I'm very grateful for reaching this milestone of 30 years of age.

I had the chance to celebrate with some of my nearest and dearest. I love and appreciate you all.

I gave a speech on my birthday and shared 30 things I've learned as I've reached 30. I have 2 extra, which is quite appropriate given the current season of my life πŸ‘€

I hope you find at least a few nuggets that you can take, apply to your life, resonate with and be blessed by.

30 Things I've Learned Reaching 30

  1. Your hairline won't always be done straight.
  2. πŸ’‡πŸΏHairline
  3. There will be days that every light is red and nobody wants to let you in.
  4. In the grand scheme of things, a car is just a car.
  5. If you run over an animal, don't check your mirror.
  6. If you think you can make it, run for that bus.
  7. Your closest people will discourage you out of fear. They mean well, but don't listen to them.
  8. Hard conversations make life easier.
  9. Apologise genuinely, especially when you feel like you shouldn't.
  10. You can forgive someone and treat them differently; you can treat someone nicely without having forgiven them.
  11. The need for an apology in order to forgive is immature.
  12. Take magnesium, and if you do, take more.
  13. If the person in front of you in the queue can't pay for their stuff, that's a sign for you to pay it.
  14. If you're better than your past self in areas that you care about, you're doing great.
  15. The next time you have a test, remind yourself of past success.
  16. Puns are the funniest type of joke.
  17. Make good use of the time that you spend waiting and driving.
  18. If you have a daughter that's toilet training, always take her to the ladies’ room.
  19. You don't need to take your phone out to turn around in the street.
  20. You're a role model to more people than you know.
  21. You'd feel better if you breathed through your nose.
  22. In many cases, suffering isn't something to shy away from.
  23. Make/keep eye contact during conversation.
  24. Do all that you can when you can, because there may come a time that you can't.
  25. Everybody takes drugs, the vast majority are addicted and nobody should be condemned for it.
  26. Sometimes, you need to give into cravings to confirm that you don't need to give into cravings.
  27. Your parents most probably did what they thought to be the best for you.
  28. What looks amazing now, may look stupid tomorrow, and vice versa. This can be about fashion, or even investments.
  29. Lend to those that can pay you back, and give to those who can't.
  30. Just because you have the last word, doesn't mean you're right.
  31. When you walk or run, you are not moving, you are shifting the ground beneath you.


  1. We are in a war, and the first to get picked off are those that don't acknowledge it.
  2. Prayer works, and whether you're happy with the result or not, every prayer is answered.

In the coming days, I hope to expand on (most of) these points, as I know that although ambiguity sparks intrigue, clarification optimises understanding.

We'll speak soon.