The First Corner - 01/03/21 (1)

Monday was the day that God decided to give me this revelation. 2021 was the year that I ramped up my prayer life. In January, my church decided to do a 21 day fast with prayer daily at 6am and 8:30pm. This really transformed my prayer life (and life in general subsequently). From that point, it's routine for me to get up at 6am daily to pray with a few like-minded individuals. It was decided, though, that this particular week - the first week of the third month of this year - I shall walk alone.. Well, not alone, with God. When I did my first walk of March, I could see why God wanted me to have this time of isolation with Him - He was really speaking! I've never heard God so clearly in my life. This experience really showed me that at times, you have to rid yourself of external and internal noise so that you can hear God speak to you. On my Instagram, late last year, I mentioned to my friends, family and followers that I believe that 2021 will be the year of the "Planter" - those that sowed seeds and laid foundations in 2020 (and in some cases, even before then) will see the harvest and growth of that planning in 2021. You can't expect to see a return if the seed hasn't even left your hand yet. God took this one step further, showing me the year in the form of a building. The building consists of 4 corners - this was represented by the 4 quarters of the year. Looking at this point in time, we're completing the first quarter of the year, ending with March. With Christ being the chief cornerstone, it makes perfect sense that once we lay out our plans, this first (chief) quarter of the year that we're building is dedicated to Him. Ephesians 2:20 - ..Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone. I have big plans and goals for this year, and the way that it has started has given me real confidence in achieving them. I encourage you to take God's Word for it; He says if you seek His Kingdom first (first thing of the year, right down to the first thing of the day) then all other things (your goals, visions, plans and aspirations) will be added to you.

This is the year of the Planter, the year of the Builder. Be ready to build in 2021, set Christ as your foundation stone for this 1st quarter, and the rest of your building with be stable and secure.

Have Faith - TWS