Humble(d) (1)

The reason I started this blog, is because I've gone through so many changes recently. These changes have transformed my life and I'm certain that this is just the beginning.

Upon reflection of my life so far; I've never been as happy, I've never been as healthy, I've never been as energetic, I've never been as strong, I've never been as lean, I've never been as active, I've never been as conscious, I've never been as positive, I've never been as calm, I've never been as fulfilled, as I am today.

It started with changes to my food, then working out, then reading, then praying, and now it feels like I just have a totally different outlook on life; anything's possible and anyone (including you) can do it, too! When it comes to sharing my ideas, thoughts, opinions and particularly results, I don't want it to come across as I'm showing off or boasting for the sake of it. I actively pray that my good works are not seen in a bad light (Rom 14:16)

On a prayer walk I was on, Word came to me; "You can be humble, or you can be humbled." I definitely don't want to puff myself up to a point where that little Pin of Perspective will burst my Bubble of Boasting! I've come to understand; Just because the change is in you, doesn't mean that it's of you. I give myself credit where it's due, and I suggest you do the same in your successes. First and foremost, though, I give Glory to God. I think it helps to look at myself like a glass of water. If someone asks for water, it's probably best delivered in a glass. I am ideal for the purpose I serve and the value I give (credit), but, then again, I'm just the glass (perspective); what's inside - my content, my substance - is what has (and gives me) value. I am just the vessel, as long as I'm providing value, I'm serving my purpose. I hope I help you in one way or another.

Be Free - TWS