Impact: My Recommendation

I've found that I'm happiest when others around me are happy. This may happen in a couple of ways; You can be around happy and positive people, or you can be a happy and positive person that people feed off. (that sounds cannibalistic, but I'm referring to people feeding off your positivity and reciprocating that back to you - you know what I mean!) I think that a combination of the two is optimal - be the type of person you'd want to be around, and be around those people yourself. Win-win.

I hear a lot of people these days talking about 'vibrations' and 'energy' - I talk about vibes all the time, and energy is definitely a defining factor in many things; people tend to know when you're energy's off and you're not being genuine. Lasting impact comes with authenticity.

We all have our wants and needs; some vary wildly between each of us and some are shared wants or needs that I believe are just a part of human nature. One want/need I believe we all share is to be loved and appreciated. It may manifest in different ways, but I think loads of desires boil down to this one. This can cause an individual to force a vibe, act out of character or go out of one's way just to be noticed.

I would say, though, that in some circumstances, for progress to be made; You may have to do what initially feels unnatural - that's not a forced vibe. You'll have to be adaptable - that's not acting out of character. You may have to put yourself out there - that's not going out of your way.

You'll know and feel the difference when the instance arrives. I encourage you not to do impressive things for the sole purpose of impressing, and not to do the commendable for the sake of being commended. In all you do, be genuine; Do great things so you can recommend to other people to do the same. You may be commended too, but that's just a by-product. And finally, seek to impact, not to impress. The results you want lie within your originality. Do you.

Have Faith - TWS