Well Done Steak

"A well done steak doesn't necessarily mean a steak done well." - TWS This post is not about steak. (Fun Fact, though: Steak was my first meal of the year!)

That being said, I will use it here for illustrative purposes.

In my younger years, I considered steaks a (literally) bloody waste of money. I never understood the appeal of a "partially cooked" piece of meat like that; steaks were most certainly something I knocked before I tried properly. Fast forward to now, it's not uncommon for me to wax off at least 3-4 steaks on a weekly basis. I discovered - with the help of my wife - that most (if not all) steak isn't, in fact, best served well done - medium is my go-to at the moment.

Experience has taught me, that the reason I didn't like steak is because I was eating it wrong. 'Well done' is really "well overdone" in my opinion. When I thought up this quote (I've never seen/heard it elsewhere - if you believe otherwise, feel free to let me know), it was mainly about differences of opinion, but Word came to me and gave me a couple more spins on this. So, I want to give you 3 takeaways;

1 - Don't judge anything before a solid attempt/assessment - sometimes our experiences and judgements can be optimised by changing our approach, or even just shifting our mindset about it. A positive attitude in most circumstances yields good results.

2 - You should feel at liberty to enjoy what others may not - authenticity and originality tend to be scarce these days; it's refreshing to be around people that can amicably disagree with you. I've found that those people help challenge and grow you the most.

3 - What you are creating, not everyone is going to like - accept that, move on and cherish those that appreciate your substance. I know my content isn't for everyone, but I'm aware it's very helpful to some and I'm happy for those whom it benefits.

Be Free - TWS